Werewolf is not just a game, it’s a great way to bring people together and break the ice. I love being able to work as a team, innovate and problem solve during the game and Jon makes it a truly immersive and hilarious experience.

We had this at our conference and was a major highlight! I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend this to any group, event or company looking to provide a light-hearted team building activity that will keep people talking about it for days afterwards.

— Kyrie Melnyck, 7in7 Conference
We held a Werewolf evening to embed a number of new employees into our team. It created an instant bond among everyone that I’m certain we wouldn’t have achieved otherwise.

Speeding up the onboarding process in this way undoubtedly allowed us to become a collaborative, productive team much more quickly.
— Morwenna Griffin, COO, Maker Club
I was quite sceptical beforehand because I’m quite introverted but it was great fun and I really felt like I built relationships quickly and easily.
— Lewis Smith


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